DRESS CODE 2018 - 2019

Upper Division:

Class I-VII:
Leotard: Black Motionwear 2518 camisole (201 2518 88% Tencel Lyocell/ 12%Spandex) *Note the new specific material
Tights: Capezio 9 Classic Pink or Body Wrappers A45 Ballet Pink mesh with seam
Pink split sole slippers: Bloch S0203L
New pointe students should wait to get pointe shoes. I will direct them on this after classes start in September. I can check the fit of pointe students who are already en pointe at the back to school workshop.
Hair: Classical bun for EVERY class
For Class VI and VII only:
Skirt: Black Mirella S12 (this will be worn occasionally during class). Class V students in Friday class also need this skirt.

For Class IV-VII:
Nudie leotard: Capezio 3680 (for use under performance costumes)

For students in Choreography Workshop:
Skirt: Black Mirella S12
Capezio 1917 black
Children’s Division:
Primary A and B:

Leotard: Light Pink Motionwear 2515C camisole
Tights: Body Wrappers C45 Ballet Pink mesh with seam
Pink split sole slippers: Bloch S0203L S0203G
Hair: Classical bun or neat ponytail for every class

Pre-Ballet I and II:
Any white tank style leotard (No skirts attached!)
Light pink tights
Pink leather ballet slippers
Hair pulled back off face and neck

Ballet Together: (age 2-3 with parent or caregiver)
For kids: white tank style leotard and pink leather ballet slippers are suggested, or if your little one objects, street clothes and bare feet are fine for Ballet Together
For parent/caregiver: come as you are, and on your feet wear ballet slippers, socks, or bare feet

Upper Division:
Body Wrappers B400 white shirt
Motionwear 7130 Black leggings
Thin black ankle socks
Black leather ballet slippers
Dance belt
Children’s Division:
Plain white T-shirt
Black footed tights or Black leggings with thin black ankle socks
Black leather ballet slippers

In cold weather, for a portion of class at the teacher’s discretion, students may wear: Ballet wrap sweater in the same color as the leotard. It is not mandatory to buy the sweater, but it is the only permitted cover-up.
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Emily Hrones Umland, Director


(508) 545-1257