See links to our video safety protocol walk throughs on the Home Page.

COVID-19 safety protocol for Charles River Ballet Academy (As of 8/26/2020)
CRBA will implement the following safety procedures to promote a safe and fun return to the studio (this protocol will be updated as new guidelines come from the state):
  • Limited class size to ensure space for social distancing
  • Social distancing: at least six feet between dancers in the building at all times before, during, and after class
  • Masks worn by all students and teachers
  • Only teachers and students who feel well can be at the studio
  • Students who don’t feel well should stay home. Zoom option available. If your student does not feel well, please email us and to let us know if he/she would like to participate via zoom. As many of our classes have only in studio participants, please let us know, so we know to run zoom that day for your student.
  • If you or your student have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19, please keep your student home and let CRBA know so we can take the appropriate steps based on state regulations.
  • No changing on site. Dancers must arrive already wearing their dancewear. Note: do not wear ballet slippers outside! Wait until you are in the room to put on ballet shoes. Dressing Room at Studio B is closed. No changing permitted in the bathroom at either studio.
  • No bringing food or food consumption at the studio
  • Parents/caregivers to remain outside the building, dancers and teachers only inside
  • Extra time between classes so one group is out of the building before the next group enters
  • Mandatory hand sanitizing upon entry to and exit from the classroom
  • Assigned spots to keep students’ belongings separate
  • Disinfecting of high touch surfaces including barres between each group
  • Increased cleaning schedule
  • No lost and found, left behind items will be disposed of